Sunday, February 3, 2019

Journaling and memories

    While I was studying comics in the U.S. one of the things I thought about doing was keeping a journal. I should record my time here I told myself. Then I would go to the bookshop to buy books and look over all the beautiful journals just waiting for me to purchase. But then I would never buy any. I've often thought about the idea of keeping a journal to record daily events in the moment and the act of recording from memory as two different things. 

The memories seem to me to be easier to write. Some time has passed and the meanings associated with that day are all mixed up but mixed up just right because I've had time to absorb them. This does not mean that I don't journal things that happened on the day but only if it's something I feel compelled to write. Memory drawing I think is similar, I draw from memory with more energy and less fuss which offers good results to me. These are just some things I was thinking about today...

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