Friday, August 18, 2017

Drawings: from the past

I wanted to share with you a few drawings I did while I was a student at John Donaldson Institute here in Trinidad. This course was intense and heavy with projects and assignments and I drew A LOT! I was going through some old drawings this week and came across these...oh the memories!

Just one of the many studies I did of the skeleton which took patience and practice.

An observational drawing: this one is from an assignment I did of my mother sleeping.

I also did drawings of my own between assignments and this one I did on
a 18"x24" sheet of paper. I may have copied the figure from a magazine or something
but I remember loving the pose and the angle of the body. The character does look like
I was drawing it for a comic book story and I was thinking perhaps comics has
been with me longer than I thought.

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