Friday, June 2, 2017

A review of my first year

I just completed my first year reading for my degree at UWI! This semester I did my usual five courses which included: poetry, art education 2, drawing, history of narrative cinema and colour (a painting class). Two factors which affected my course selection were the class schedules and availability of courses because some courses were not offered in both semesters and courses do get cut for whatever reason. I learned this semester that being a university student means adapting, shifting and making the best of the opportunities to complete the degree. One of the courses that I've had an interest in has been film and I've decided to do it as a minor with my lit major. Learning the historical content for this course was overwhelming at first for me but gradually I got to understand the different techniques that have made films what they are today. I have a deeper appreciation and understanding for films. Art education is another fascinating course as it is so much more than just about teaching art. This semester involved more research and learning about the theories and theorists from art education and education, there was also some historical data I had to research too. Poetry, I got exposed to so many different types of poems: traditional and modern and my lecturer always made it interesting. Drawing and colour classes were familiar areas for me but I must say I learnt new things with every assignment and I was surprised at times at what I was capable of doing. Sometimes the thing you think you know about teaches you so much more when you're placed in a different setting! Everything is broadening my mind beyond what I expected and I'm loving every aspect of this process. 

An acrylic painting I did in my journal as an assignment for my painting class.
The location is on campus and I completed it from a picture I took.

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