Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In a Row

I loved these trees, saw them on campus and wanted
to draw them for a while. I did this in my small black sketch book.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Review

As promised I'm giving you a quick review about my first term at the University of the West Indies. So last semester I did these courses: prose, drama, art ed, foundation english and intro to drawing. I've got five (5) courses per semester and I chose to do electives from visual arts, so I did an introductory drawing class; to learn, to review, to have fun drawing and a new area that I've never really put much thought into was Art Education. Now this course was no joke, meaning I had readings and videos to review every week which definitely stretched my mind! I had to also keep a journal to record my readings, thoughts and observations, surprisingly I did very well in this course and I decided to do Art Ed 2 this semester. I'm also doing a Drawing class again this semester which is more advanced with a focus on the human figure, doing practical courses does balance the other courses where their is a lot of readings; I absolutely need that balance. I've been making some new friends as well and I'm enjoying the friendships I've created and above all else that would definitely stay with me long after I complete my degree. This was a brief recap about my previous semester, I'll post later about my subjects this semester and an interesting one I'm doing is in film!