Thursday, May 19, 2016

So Now What: Decisions

Above is a diary comic I did in 2012 where I was asking myself some questions then about my marks. About drawing and knowing when the mark would feel like mine and how I would know. Considering the month I wrote that (May 2012) and recently, having just completed an exploration in marks with my Marks & Strokes project (see my sketch book page in the same month (May 2016), it does feel eerie. The years have gone by quickly since leaving CCS and I remember questioning some of these things while I was there too. This of course spilled over upon my return home to Trinidad. I saw myself playing and exploring different styles and comics trying to figure out what felt right for me. The time I took to answer these questions: what type of stories I was interested in and what I wanted my marks to look like has been worth it.

The Marks & Strokes process and sketch book postings lead me to create some interesting techniques and stories. Some of which I would be taking further as I get working on some new stories for my comics. This process has helped me re-evaluate my existing projects I haven't updated for some time. I will be revising these projects deciding what I should continue with and what I should put aside until next year. You will be seeing some new work and revisions to existing projects including Undiscovered on my Tumblr. Starting this month, I won't be posting as many sketch book drawings as before, but occasionally when time permits. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to view my blog. I hope by sharing my process with you that it has inspired you to not give up but to keep working and creating.

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