Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Sachelle is a story I've been developing over the past few months alongside Outaplace. This story came in the form of other themes I was exploring but didn't want to include in Outaplace. Sachelle has given me that mental break from working on my longer project and the both stories have fuelled each other.

An update: A few thumbs for Sachelle. The beginning of something.

Characters to be included for Sachelle.
Kimberley and Nela

Character studies for Sachelle

Feb/Mar 2015 update: Once I got more into the story I completed my
thumbnails which were about 100 or so pages before I began my roughs.

April 2015 update: Working on roughs for Sachelle. At this stage the characters
and layout begin to take shape. I'm also editing my thumbnails as I go along.


May 2015 update: Chapter 1 (roughs) are complete. Chapter 2 roughs next!

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