Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Frances Rustlebean - Connections

Spent some time working on Frances Rustlebean recently and I came across an idea for a comic strip called Elaina I did in one of my old sketch books around early 2010. The main character Elaina was going to be loud, have strong views about everything and questioned authority. So when I returned home from studying at CCS I immediately started ideas for this strip that I renamed Rosemary Spice. 

After doing a couple strips for Rosemary Spice, something wasn't clicking and I decided to rework it some more. But while working on it, another character was being born. The meek, sensitive character in Outaplace who had no name and was having problems making friends. So I put all my energies into doing Outaplace, and then this too began to transform into something else. While working on Outaplace the personality of my first character (Elaina) stuck with me and soon enough she returned in the form of Frances Rustlebean. 

It's so nice that I can look back at this process, it has taught me everything about letting go of a character to make room for a better one, writing is never as straight forward as it's set out to be and it's okay if the story changes.  

Samples of the early process and later the sketchbook I used to work
on ideas for the Frances Rustlebean comic strip.


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