Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Outaplace update

I haven't posted much about Outaplace for some time. I've been rewriting some parts and I've completed a new outline that I'm more comfortable with. The next stage, working out my roughs. I'm going to be combining or extracting elements from both Outaplace I and II, some more fantasy will be included. Will post updates on my progress.

October update: Character studies for Outaplace.

Character designs for Noelle

Character designs for Kai

June 2015 update: I haven't given up on this project in case you're wondering. When I began Outaplace I as a four panel comic strip I initially didn't see it transforming into anything else and since extending it further as Outaplace II the format and storyline has changed. I don't have anything to show you yet, I'm currently focused on another story called Sachelle which I began by accident actually to take a break from developing Outaplace. Some of the themes in both projects are related, like friendship and family.

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